Please Find below some of the frequently asked Questions about Festival Lockers – Phone Charging :


How much is the deposit for the power packs and how does it work ?

You just pop along to the recharged trailer and rent one for £5 and this will charge your phone up to 100%+, the deposit is £20 which will be refunded when you return the power pack back in the condition it was received.


What socket type do the lockers have and what do I need to bring with me to use it ?
We supply all cables needed free of charge. However If you have something a little specialist please feel free to bring your cable with you.


Do we get to pick our own locker or are they automatically allocated ?

All lockers are allocated on the day,If you have any special requirements due to disability, please notify a member of staff on arrival and we’ll do our best to assign you a locker that is appropriate.


I have booked my locker / phone charge online what do I need to do next ?

Just print the voucher off and present it to a member of staff on the day, or you can show the electronic copy you will be emailed once you have paid for required service.


When can I access my locker or have my phone charged ?

This will depend on the festival, opening hours will be displayed on the day at the Recharged compound but from experience we will open to 1.00 am then re-open at 9.00 am next morning.


Will I be able to share my Storage locker ?
Yes, you can share your locker with friends to cut down on the costs, but the phone charging is per device.


Will the lockers be manned 24 hours?
Yes, there will be security located at the lockers and it is covered by 24 hour CCTV. Security are onsite all through the night to make sure your personal belongings are safe.


Can I charge my phone overnight whilst I sleep ?

Yes, just pop along to the Recharged Compound before we close and leave your phone with us overnight where it will be 100% charged and safe.


How does the pricing for the phone / Locker hire work ?

We have many different options to suit everyone:

  • Storage only Locker Non-Powered (large locker for bags etc.)
  • Single phone charge, per 100% charge
  • Power pack so you can charge on the go
  • Airbed Inflation
  • Hair care lockers


Can I pre-pay for more than 1 charge or 1 locker ?

Yes, please just add them to your shopping cart then just checkout.