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Big Feastival – Lockers – Phone Charging

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  • Password*

    As an extra level of security we require a password that will be asked for everytime you access your locker or charge your phone.

  • IMEI Number*

    If you have chosen the VIP package for your phone, we need to take the last 4 digits of your phones IMEI number. This can be found by typing *#06# into your phone and this would need to be shown every time you require a charge. If you have chosen any of our other products please just place a "0" in the imei box.

Product Description


Big Feastival - Lockers - Phone Charging

Book your Big Feastival – Lockers – Phone Charging here before they all go.

We also supply Lockers to Reading festival and Isle of Wight festival and over 20 other festivals throughout the year. Please check out our events page to see what other Festivals and events we will be attending this year.

Recharged provide managed storage locations and device charging for on event sites where camping or the need to secure easily lost items in a controlled environment.

We supply all charging cables so no need to bring your own

We can charge all devices for example; phones, tablets, laptops, e-cigarettes, Camera batteries, Go Pro’s etc., we can even supply a socket to blow up your airbed for a small charge. If you have an unusual device please bring along the charger;

We have two types of Lockers available –

1. Storage Lockers (40cm high x 35cm wide x 30cm deep) – These allow for easy access storage of personal belongings that are slightly larger and can be shared with you and you friends to reduce costs.

2. Charging Lockers (10cm high x 10cm deep x 15cm wide) – They allow charging for any device. The pricing structure for these lockers is explained below.

We have 7 different options to suit everyone:

VIP package (unlimited phone charging for 1 phone, a large non-powered locker all weekend, unlimited use for yourself in the hair care lockers and we will even blow up your airbed for you, and your own dedicated drop off point to avoid queuing) £30.00

  • Storage & charging locker weekend deal (this is a large non-powered locker and charge your phone twice) £15.00
  • Storage only Locker Non-Powered (large locker for bags etc.) £10.00
  • Single phone charge, £5.00 per 100% charge
  • Power pack so you can charge on the go £5.00 (plus £20 refundable deposit)
  • Airbed Inflation (per bed) £3.00
  • Hair care lockers per use, per person £3.00

Large lockers can be shared between friends so this will reduce the cost per person.

You are more than welcome to leave your device with us overnight to make sure it gets a full charge for the next day.

Big Feastival - Lockers - Phone Charging

Big Feastival – Lockers – Phone Charging

Once you have arrived at the event check our Twitter / Facebook page for easy instructions on how to find us at the festival.

Additional Information

Locker Type

Storage & Charging Locker (weekend deal) large locker & charge your phone twice, Storage Only Locker (full weekend, unpowered), Single phone charge up to 100%, Power Pack Per Charge, VIP package, Hair care locker per person, per use, Airbed Inflation Per Bed, Per use

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